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Bitter Truth of Life

As life passes on
I feel myself to be confident,
But at the same time very sensitive.
I had dreamt of normal family life,
As everybody does.
But to my utter dismay,
I reared three babies and am left with only one.
I would have cried but consoled myself if he would
have been a normal one.
Alas! My third child suffers from agammaglobulinemia,
I cry! But to no avail,
I cry loudly – Oh God! Never be so hard-hearted,
so as to give and then take.
My ignorance had made me suffer,
Doctors’ ignorance had made me suffer,
I promise myself to wipe of this ignorance,
I promise myself not to see suffering parents like us,
I promise myself of helping dear PI sufferers to grow up like normal ones,
I dream of a Nation where no PI patient goes undiagnosed.
I was lost in promises, hopes and dreams,
Suddenly there was a flash of light,
The result was acceptance of challenge and formation of IPSPI.
May God, the Almighty bless us with courage to face this bitter truth,
May all our PID patients prosper and grow.

Rubby Chawla 
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